Infrared therapy for Acne and Scars

Even if acne or a scar don’t bother us much, they can be annoying when it comes to photographs or special events. Luckily there is a natural, safe and easy way to reduce potential embarrassment.

There are different types of acne, with different causes. Most of the time, our diet can have a lot to do with the severity of our acne. A diet loaded with substances that contain hormones, could potentially contribute to a strong case of acne. Sometimes the location of the acne can even point to what might be contributing to it.

Red light therapy is able to help our body remove toxins through our skin(not just where our acne is) and also helps our lymph system keep flowing. Both of these may contribute to a reduction of acne, but red light may also help clean up the acne directly.

Red light is essentially a light form of radiation, and it’s energy penetrates our skin. As it’s in there, some of our cells are able to harness it’s energy and get a bit of a boost. Red light is used in anti-aging due to it’s ability to stimulate collagen, which gives us healthier skin. It’s also useful for reducing inflammation, which aids in acne’s healing.

What about special face masks

Usually, the standard, cheap incandescent red light bulb will handle most or all of benefits. But, it may be a little more convenient to get comfortable and place a mask on our face instead of try to figure out how to position our face just close enough to a warm bulb. With the proper setup, its easy to position a red light just about anywhere, but everyone’s environment and abilities are different. Here is an example of an LED face mask available today

What about blue light?

Although there is reason to believe blue light may aid in the acne healing process, it may be worth starting with just red light and at least working a tolerance up before investing in a blue light solution. There are “spot treatment” solutions for as low as $20, which may be a great way to test blue light on top of a standard red light regiment. Here is a Spot Treatment light stick


Impact of low level laser therapy on skin blood flow


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