How does red light work?

How does red light work?

This starts to get pretty complicated. We are working on summarizing this info to attempt making it easier to absorb.

For now, please visit Dr. Jack Kruse’s website & blog here to learn more.

To attempt summing it up:

We are sunlight batteries. The food and water we consume build our structure, and set us up to use sunlight in fascinating ways. Our cells communicate with light and several of our internal systems depend on actions generated by the sun. Our eyes sense light and tell our body when to make certain hormones that keep us running properly.


Oh, so light might be “everything”?

Yep, turns out light can make what’s referred to as an Exclusion Zone in water on certain surfaces. This zone has all of the particles somehow pushed out of it and holds a negative charge while the rest of the water remains positive. This allows tubes to pump liquid with light and it’s negatively charged Exclusion Zones. It is thought that this action helps many forms of life receive “free energy” that can be used in various ways. Here is a 2 part video about this topic

As odd as some of this stuff sounds, it’s why red light therapy can be so helpful.