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The healing warmth of over 4,000 studies.

100% Natural


Drug Free


Chemical Free



FDA Approved



100% Natural

Drug Free

Chemical Free


FDA Approved


Several studies show a benefit to weight loss when using red light therapy. Light can be used in conjunction with existing exercise regiments, or by itself to aid in weight loss.

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From helping infants sleep to aiding seniors in long term care, red light is not only safe, but seems to help people at any age.

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Boost Metabolism by increasing mitochondria’s ATP output.

Increase Energy by activating chromophores & cytochrome.

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2-5x increase of tissue generation.

Improved muscle circulation.

Increased Endurance.

Increased Strength.

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Increased flexibility.

Rejuvenate Skin and Connective Tissue.

Reduced Joint & Muscle pain.

Reduce visible Cellulite


Decrease Inflammation.

Reduce High Blood Pressure.

Strengthen Heart Tissue.


Are you blocking 

blue light

from your eyes after the sun goes down?

You should if you care about your health.

I’ll be adding scientific info on blue light to this website soon. For now, goolging “blue light health effects” should do the trick. Look into Dr. Jack Kruse’s work if you find this interesting and like big words.
I use a cheap pair of blue blockers like this from amazon but mine are even uglier so they fit over my glasses. Blublox.com Has some more stylish options.

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Start at The Basics and work your way up to a Red Light Master!

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Still don’t trust nature? Here’s some reading material.

Get Started

For as little as $20-30! You may already have what you need!

Get Started for less than $30!


250 Watt Incandescent red light bulb

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10 inch reflector & 

socket with spring loaded clamp

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Get Started for less than $30!

My Rig

I was going to build these and sell them but it was not easy to find consistent parts and there is so much money to be made selling LED lights and I don’t have the time to ‘fight’ all that marketing. Maybe one day. But for now you just get to look at it.

UL Listed Components

Bask in warmth with confidence. Overrated UL Listed parts means these lights are built to last, and safe for indoor use. Designed to cover you in light while keeping the hot bulbs a comfortable distance.

Everything you need

Professional Stands, Mounting Clamps & Wire Straps
Heavy Duty Extension Cords & Splitter
250 Watt Red Bulbs & Housings
Easy-to-use Timer





I try to explain how I built my setup here. These pieces and parts are available if we search for them.