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  • Videos about NIR

    Len Saputo, MD – NO2 release, blood flow, fix stagnation. Diabetic nephropathy. Pain without drugs, back pins, or surgery. Lumbar or cervical disc, 50% reduction in pain. Sports injuries, hamstring pulls, tennis elbow, rotatory cuff injuries. Very few pains do not respond to NIR therapy. Consult to make sure alignment is correct. FAR IR stage…

  • Infrared therapy for Beauty

    Curcumin, blue and red light regulates Proliferation and Apoptosis in Skin Keratinocytes

  • Thyroid and Breast Health

    Low-intensity near-infrared MLS laser radiation induces free radical generation and changes enzymatic and anti-oxidative activities of cellular components. Free radical generation may be the mechanism of the biomodulative effect of laser radiation Duel Light therapy hits trip negative breast cancer harder. Unfortunately no studies on just NIR without invasive and expensive procedures.

  • Infrared therapy for Psoriasis

    Affecting 2-3% of the world, psoriasis is a chronic and recurrent autoimmune inflammatory disease. People with his condition usually suffer from what looks like a rash on their skin in whichever various area they are affected. Pain and discomfort is usually associated with stronger cases and can become enough to drive a person mad. Luckily…

  • Infrared therapy for Diabetic Wound Healing

    Infrared therapy for Diabetic Wound Healing

    Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder, and one of the symptoms of such, is a reduced ability to heal. Over time, less oxygen is supplied to parts of the body, and various aspects of that area can suffer. As the metabolic disorder continues, sores may develop on areas such as our feet. If these sores…

  • Infrared therapy for Acne and Scars

    Infrared therapy for Acne and Scars

    Even if acne or a scar don’t bother us much, they can be annoying when it comes to photographs or special events. Luckily there is a natural, safe and easy way to reduce potential embarrassment. There are different types of acne, with different causes. Most of the time, our diet can have a lot to…

  • Infrared therapy for Depresssion

    Infrared therapy for Depresssion

    Depression is a mental health disorder that is characterized by a loss of interest in activities and a persistent depressed mood. It affects millions of people worldwide and many people leave it untreated. Why? Perhaps they think they can just “snap” out of it. Perhaps they are scared to try pills. Maybe they are ashamed…

  • Infrared therapy for Joint Pain

    Infrared therapy for Joint Pain

    Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints that causes pain, reduced motion, stiffness, and swelling. It is very common and affects millions of people worldwide. Treatment can help but according to mainstream medicine there is no cure for arthritis. Many rely on medications to ease their symptoms, and others have some success with physical…

  • Infrared therapy for Back Pain

    Infrared therapy for Back Pain

    Several different studies have shown a rather large improvement in low back pain while using and after having used red light therapy. Different devices were used in different ways, but once again simple ol` red light seems to make life easier. Relieving back pain with red light therapy is common among testimonials across the internet.…